Happy Planning!

You are preparing for one of the most monumental days of your life so far. 

This day doesn't get a do-over. 

You've got to get it right the first time during your wedding planning. There are several ways you can save money and cut certain areas of your expenses.

One area I do NOT recommend cutting is your photographer! This is the one day that you can't re-create. You can't go back to get the pictures you want. You've got one shot to get THE shot. Choose your photographer wisely. Every single one on our vendor page is amazing and reasonably priced. Check out their page and talk to all of them. When you have found the right one, you'll feel comfortable...you'll just know.

First things first...the budget

Your very first step should be determining your budget. This will help you make important decisions, trust me! I created an Excel spreadsheet for you to use with formulas to help you stay on track. Start here to make your wedding planning a little less stressful. 


Download the budget spreadsheet below

If you have Excel (or similar), you can use the spreadsheet file with formulas included to help automatically track your expenses and budget. 

Your vendors

Choose vendors that you feel comfortable speaking to and who you feel truly cares about making your wedding day exactly what you've dreamed. 

  • The checklist will help you stay on schedule.
  • "Got Cakes?" file will help you with questions to ask your potential bakeries.
  • Our Preferred Caterer List will help you plan your reception.  

These tools are our gift to you. We did all the research and hard work so you don't have to. It's just one more way we save you time and money.

Wedding Planning Checklist (pdf)


Got Cakes? (pdf)


Preferred Caterer List (pdf)


Want an easy, short-cut recipe for a beautiful wedding day?

If I were to plan a wedding today, I would choose the following wedding vendors for my event:

Caterer:  Clancy's Cafe 

Photographer:  JWallace Photo Creative 

Videographer: Storytellers

DJ:  DJ Wes Mobile DJ Services

Band:  Two Man Trio 

Florist:  Made Ya Look

Wedding Designer/Planner: Dawn Edwards with   Made Ya Look

Wedding/Grooms Cake:  The Cake Lady 

And of course: Kincaid Manor, your affordable wedding venue

Each of the above is a pro in their respective field and reasonably priced. (I'm pretty frugal, so these vendors are on the budget friendly side.)