Glancing through these pictures may cause the following symptoms:

  1. Picturing yourself standing in the chapel, smiling at your future spouse, and saying "I do" in your mind
  2. Daydreaming about how cute you could decorate the reception hall with your favorite Pinterest ideas.  
  3. Torn thoughts between deciding on an indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony
  4. Sticker shock..realizing that a beautiful wedding venue can also be affordable

Now that you're warned...enjoy the search! 

Photos above thanks to JWallace Photo Creative

your choices made simple

Your wedding can be as simple or as elegant as you dream. We have purposely created a space that is neutral so YOU can decide what you want to create. Elegant, rustic, timeless.

Your day, your way...that's our way to fulfill the dreams of our brides at our intimate, affordable, beautiful wedding venue.