Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rental fees for Kincaid Manor?

You can find our budget friendly fees (starting at $2000) on the Pricing page. We also include many items that are extra at other venues. Download our comparison chart to help decide which venue best suits your needs and budget. You will also have access to our borrowed  items. There are decorations, supplies, etc. that you may borrow to help keep your wedding day costs  down. Check out our "Little Extras" page for a list of available items. 

What is the capacity of Kincaid Manor?

We like to say our venue holds approximately 150 for outdoor events and 125 for the indoor chapel. Could you add more? Yes, but for the comfort of your guests, we don't recommend it. 

How do I tour the property?

You can click here to schedule your private tour. Please be sure to include everyone who needs to make the decision present at your private tour. Because of the amount of tour requests, we can only accommodate one private tour per couple.  There are monthly open houses for our currently booked brides to attend for planning purposes. 

Can I use the chapel as a backup plan for weather?


The beauty of Kincaid Manor is having the added peace of mind of an indoor chapel. 

If you plan an outdoor event and the weather doesn't cooperate, you can use Kincaid Chapel as your back-up plan. Please keep in mind that our indoor chapel seats 125 where our outdoor spaces can accommodate more.

How do I reserve my day?

To hold your preferred date, a $500 deposit is required along with your contract. 

Talk to one of our staff members at your tour. They can walk you through the payment processes.  Click here to see if your ideal date is still available.

Vendor Questions

Does Kincaid Manor handle ministers, florists, etc.?

You deserve the ability to plan the day you've envisioned. We think it's best to allow our couples to speak directly with vendors to make sure your day is done your way.  Click here for a list of vendors that you may need during your planning process. 

This is made available to you whether you book your wedding with us or not. We genuinely love helping brides plan their wedding day. It's just in our DNA...

Can family cater my event?

Your caterer is one of the most important vendors of that day. They can make your guests experience amazing...or not. That's why Kincaid Manor has a list of Preferred Caterers that can satisfy pretty much every budget range. Don't see your caterer on the list? Send us their information and we will interview them to see if they can be added to our partner list. We do only allow caterers that are professionally licensed, insured, and produce top notch work. You can use a food truck or bring trays of food in for the reception. 

Can vendors drop off items early?

Your rental time is specified on your contract. All vendor access to Kincaid Manor must occur during your rental period. Please make arrangements with your vendors based on your contract time.  

Do you allow liquor?


Kincaid Manor allows you to stock your own bar with wine, champagne, and beer. No alcohol is allowed prior to the ceremony and must be served by a licensed bartender. You want your guests enjoy your wedding, but stay safe after the reception.  A Security Guard will also be present at all events that serve alcohol to ensure safety for your guests.

other Planning Questions

When can I start decorating?

Your access to the property is specified on your contract. Please plan accordingly.

Can I bring other people to see the venue?

You are welcome to view the venue during your planning stages and your friends, wedding planners, vendors, etc. are welcome to join you at our Booked Brides Open Houses. They are offered monthly for your convenience. 

Can I hang pictures or decorations on the wall?

You are welcome to decorate as you wish. We kindly ask that you do not use nails, tape, or any adhesive that would damage the property. Command strips and temporary type attachments are fine.

Does Kincaid Manor come decorated?

You are free to have your own wedding, your own way and therefore, we do not decorate your wedding space.  We know brides have been dreaming of this day since saying "yes". We do want to help you keep your wedding day costs down, so we offer items you can borrow called our "Little Extras" at no extra cost. These include options of table linens, runners, decorations, etc 

Do you allow Sparklers?

We are so torn on this. We want to say yes so badly because they are a beautiful send off picture. The problem is that they can also ruin your beatiful day. Having said that, our biggest concern is the safety of  the dress, you, and your guests. We would consider allowing them if alcohol is not being served and the decision to allow or not would have to be made on an individual basis.