Kincaid Manor's Story

In 2015, we were trying to plan our own wedding and there was one thing that was so evident...North MS did not have a venue that offered a space that could be either natural and rustic, or elegant and formal. It seemed that all we could find was one or the other. 

Another challenge we kept facing was that venue pricing in the Memphis area was just more expensive than we wanted to spend. 

Yes...I'll admit it...I'm frugal! But I kept telling Ron, why should we have to spend so much for a place to say "I do"! 

So, we know first hand how difficult it is to find a beautiful venue that offers both Indoor and Outdoor ceremony options, plus a dedicated Reception Hall, plus one that includes needed tables and chairs, and especially one that maintains a budget friendly price. That's exactly why we created Kincaid Manor for you. We just wanted to offer a beautiful space to couples that want to be sensible with their budget. 

Just because you have the money, doesn't mean you have to spend it, right? 

~Sherry and Ron Goodwin

Some people have asked, "Why is it called Kincaid Manor?" Click below to read the  story of our beautiful, yet affordable Memphis Wedding Venue's name.